Lisa Longball's Top 10 Tips to a Longer and Straighter GameLearn tips from a 7-Time Canadian Long Drive Champion10 instructional video lessons to fix common swing faults and power leaksLearn proper warm up, grip, posture and much more

    Lisa Longball’s Top 10 Tips to a Longer and Straighter Game

    Let Lisa show you how to immediately fix many common swing faults and power leaks.  In this video you will learn tips on:

    1. Proper Warm Up
    2. Correct Grip
    3. Better Posture
    4. Setting Better Ball Position
    5. Picking a Target
    6. Making a Good Turn
    7. Swinging Though & Finishing
    8. Stopping the Slice
    9. Common Swing Faults
    10. Other Cool Tips

    BONUS: Outtakes from the filming of this video … a must see.

    Hit the Ball Longer and Straighter with Lisa Longball!



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